We know that these are crazy times!  People are facing challenges, stress, fear, and anxiety from so many different directions.  Each of us has our own unique situation. 

  • Maybe you’re a healthy, independent older adult that’s suddenly not supposed to go outside - and you need some help getting groceries. 

  • Maybe you’re suddenly a work-from-home parent that is facing homeschooling your kids and keeping them entertained 24/7 – and you could use some ideas or resources to help. 

  • Maybe you are worried about aging parents that are isolated in a nursing home – and you would like some help encouraging them. 

  • Maybe you are fearful about getting sick (or someone you love getting sick) – and you could use someone to talk to. 

  • Maybe all the stress and fear is building up and you find yourself frustrated and angry – and you could use a neutral party to listen to your struggles. 

  • Maybe you are having one of a million other problems – and you just don’t know where to turn. 


​The pastors and members of Maranatha Baptist Church want to help however we can.  We want to help with groceries, parenting resources, caring for families, providing encouragement, a listening ear, and practical useful counsel on a million other problems. 

Let us know how we can help or encourage you during these chaotic times by sending an email with some general information to need2talk@mbccolumbus.org.  Give us your name, a brief description of how you are doing, the way you would like us to contact you, and the best time. 

You can let us know if you would prefer a man or woman to contact you (even a particular age) or if you would like to talk to one of our pastors.  We will have someone get back to you ASAP.  Thank you in advance for giving us the privilege of walking with you through these challenging times!