Check out Child Check-in!

Protecting the children in our ministries is a high priority. While we can never completely eliminate all risk, we want to ensure we’re taking the best care possible of the little lives that have been entrusted to us. In a culture where custody battles and abuse scandals are common, families can be hesitant to leave their children in the care of others if they don’t feel the environment is safe and secure. This is especially true when families visit a church for the first time.

In order to have a great children’s ministry, we need a team of people working together with a desire to help children know the Lord. When it comes to selecting the right people to serve in our ministries, we absolutely need to place a focus on prayer, wisdom, and discernment. Using a background check service is one wise step that our children’s ministry is taking to help make better, well-informed decisions about who is serving and in what role.We will be requiring background checks for anyone working in our children’s ministry, and if you haven’t yet completed a background check, please see Pastor David or Pastor Ben.

Over the coming months we will be taking another step by implementing a check-in process for our nursery and children’s ministry. In the spring you will notice several touch screen check-in systems being installed in our facilities. We will also begin training our teachers and children’s ministry volunteers on how to use the check-in system. This summer we will do a “soft launch” of the check-in system with all our Maranatha families to work out any final bugs and make sure that things are working smoothly. And by fall 2019 we plan to have the system fully implemented and functioning in a way that will provide security and peace of mind for guests and members alike.

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