It’s Beginning to Sound a lot like Christmas

The air is crisp, and the leaves have turned a beautiful palette of colors. Fall is in full swing, and it’s now less than TWO months until Christmas! What emotions does that bring to mind? Joy and excitement, or anxiety and stress? Christmas, with all its events and nostalgia often brings a mix of emotions. It’s easy for us to lose what Christmas is all about. The All-Powerful Creator entered into His creation as a baby. Jesus, the Lamb of God, came to redeem and free His people from bondage to sin. A right perspective of Christmas leads us to a heart of worship.

As a church, we’ve set aside Sunday, December 16th at 10:30 a.m. as a special Christmas service. The youth worship team will lead us in a special time of musical praise as we reflect on Emmanuel - God with us. The children will also have a significant part in the service by sharing in song about God’s gift of salvation. We’re so thankful for young people who have a desire to serve the church by leading us in worship.

As usual, December is a busy month for the Maranatha family, and this year is no exception. With that in mind, we’ve sought to be intentional in how we prepare for the Christmas service. This past Fall, both our children’s Sunday School and children’s Wednesday night programs have formatted their schedules to allow more time for music. This has created natural opportunities for the children to prepare songs for Christmas within the scope of our current ministries. The youth worship team has also been able to use their normal Wednesday practice and worship time to prepare Christmas music. This intentional strategy has allowed us to prepare a worshipful service without adding the requirement of many additional rehearsals to an already busy time of year.

Without doubt, the next few weeks will breeze quickly by and Christmas will soon arrive. As the season and its busyness come upon us, may we remember the reason for our celebration: Emmanuel - God with us! May the church be strengthened and each of us equipped to share the hope of Jesus with the world around us; all to the glory of God!

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