New Bulletin Format

You may have noticed since our Christmas program, that the bulletin format has changed. We have a few goals in mind in changing the format.

  1. First is for our body here at Maranatha to be well-informed on how encourage our guests to know what to expect when they attend a service, next steps to learn more about our body, and how to get connected into various ministries that we have here. The best way for our guests to know that they are loved and cared for is for us to connect with them personally and help lead them through this information. We can’t do that effectively unless we are well-informed on the process.

  2. Second is for our guests to have info in their hands to take home with them. Even if we are the perfect greeters and we do well sharing this information with them, it’s important that they have the information in their hands so that they can read it, take it home, have access to our website, podcast, and Facebook live-stream, etc.

We are aware that our body used the bulletin frequently for announcements, greeter and childcare schedules, a short snapshot of upcoming events, and the sermon notes. In changing the format, our goal is to make sure you still have quick and easy access to this information. This will be addressed in the following ways:

  • A half-sheet with a snapshot of the most important announcements and the sermon notes on the back

  • Greeter and childcare schedules will be posted on the office window, at the welcome center, outside the worship center door leading to the family wing, and on the wall between infant and toddler nurseries.

  • As for a snapshot of the upcoming events, we would ask you to refer to our website at One way to make this easily accessible is visit our church hub page for easy access to events, schedules and forms, sermon archive, upcoming music, etc. If you visit, you can save that web address as a bookmark on your computer AND those that have apple and android smartphones have the ability to create a button on their home screen that will link directly to the hub. For directions on how to add the button to your device, visit, scroll to the bottom and click on “Add to Mobile” and there are detailed directions for both apple and android users.

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