The Danger of False Advertising

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Don’t you hate the disappointment that comes from false advertising? You see the picture of something absolutely amazing you want to buy and when you really get it you feel lied to and cheated. The sample picture gives you an idea of what I am talking about in comparing ads vs. reality.

The only thing worse than being misled is being the one misleading others. Here is the point of this article: we don’t want Maranatha to be guilty of false advertising. “What!?! We would never do that!” you say. But tell me if you have seen any of these people at church events lately?

Of course, you haven’t seen them – ever! They don’t go to our church, but they are on our church website. As a result, we have guests seeing one thing before they come to visit and then getting something else when they arrive. You may be asking, “Is that really a big deal? We live in a time where everybody knows you use stock photos on your website.” You might be right, but the problem is we are in the TRUTH industry. Maranatha should seek to be truthful in everything we say and do. As a result, we plan to make the change to using real photos of real Maranatha Baptist Church (MBC) people in all of our church produced media.

We believe that using real photos/videos of MBC people of all ages in our print and web publications fosters a greater sense of community and a more honest reflection of who we are. Photography and video recordings from church events help MBC to display the authentic vibrancy and joy of our Christian community. We want to use photos that will enhance the quality of authenticity in our print materials, newsletters, website, social media, and publicity. However, we also deeply care about your privacy and any privacy concerns that you may have. We want to assure you that, as a church, we will continue to do everything we can to keep everyone safe. We value LOVE just as much as we value TRUTH. We will continue to follow the best industry standards available while being honest about who we really are as a church. As a result, we will never post images with identifying information such as name, email address, address, or family members’ names.

Even with that promise, we want to give you the ability to opt out of being used in photographs/media that will be made public, but unless a Photo Opt-Out form is submitted, participation in MBC activities implies permission for the use of images/videos taken at those events to be used in our media production.

We will strive to honor your request to not be included in any public media. However, in instances such as crowd shots, it would be helpful if you would alert the photographer to try to avoid accidentally being photographed. Also, we hope you realize our opt-out form does not apply to photos that might be taken and used by others who attend MBC.

You can find our Photo Opt-Out Form at So, if you do NOT want you or your family members’ photo, audio, or video to appear in possible MBC publications or publicity, including printings, social media, or the website, please fill out the form as soon as possible. We want to respect everyone’s wishes while trying to present a compelling, honest picture of our church to a world that needs to know Jesus. The last thing we want is for anyone to say that Maranatha Baptist Church isn't giving what it’s promising.

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