True Woman / Stepping Up Classes

There is an identity crisis taking place in our culture today that seeks to blur the lines between Biblical manhood and womanhood. The attack is not only aimed at our school-aged children, it is an all-out assault on every man, woman, boy, and girl. The world wants to re-write the code that God designed from the beginning of creation. They want to capitalize on the brokenness that was introduced by our first parents, Adam and Eve, and they want to destroy our identity at its foundational level.

Beginning Sunday, January 26, we’re encouraging our men, women, and teenage guys and girls to re-discover God’s pattern for Biblical manhood and womanhood. The classes will be separated into two sections, one that is facilitated by Sarah Shearer and will focus on womanhood. The other will be facilitated by Ben Krueger (and many others) and will focus on manhood.

The set-up of the class is intended to foster multi-generational, multi-seasonal, and multi-circumstances-of-life interactions. For the True Women study, there will be tables set up in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) with facilitators to lead discussions with a small group of women. The intention is to stay within the same group each week in order to establish relationships that may lead to natural ongoing friendships. Our desire is that these friendships would reach across the barriers of age and experience; allowing us to be shaped under the banner of our oneness in Christ.

Do it Again!

If you have done this study before, then we’d encourage you to come again. Not only do we need to be reminded continually of the importance of God’s design for manhood and womanhood, we need to build that structure into the next generation. Maybe God will use this as an opportunity to begin meaningful conversations with your teenage son or daughter. Or maybe God will allow you to build a friendship with a younger man or women whom you can encourage, support, and challenge in their walk of life.

The world’s attacks are becoming increasingly aggressive!

And Satan is as ferocious as ever!

Let’s reclaim the ground that society has sought to steal away from us. And let’s raise up the next generation of MEN and WOMEN who will carry the image of Christ to our children’s children!

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