Young Enough to Serve (YES)

Are you Young Enough to Serve? The answer is an overwhelming YES regardless of your age, your physical strength, or your abilities! In recognition of this, Young Enough to Serve is the name of the new seniors’ ministry here at Maranatha Baptist Church. The mission of the seniors’ ministry is to identify the needs of, and provide a focused ministry to those at or near retirement age, as well as those who have past that milestone. It will include the periodic means of fellowship and encouragement that leads to continuing to serve the body of Christ in meaningful and appropriate ways. Our theme is best highlighted by 1 Cor 15:58 “Therefore, my beloved brothers and sisters, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.”

We are currently planning Quarterly Saturday Brunch Meetings (Feb, Apr, Jul, Oct) which will focus on one of the following:

  1. Pastor Focus - invite one pastor and his family, to share current activities, and prayer requests.

  2. Practical Seminar - examples of those envisioned: “Wellness”, “Financial Topics”, “End of Life Planning”, “Personal Safety”, “Cybercrime“, “Aging in Place”, “Home Health Care”, etc.

  3. Bible Study/Lesson - directed toward weaknesses or needs of the group.

  4. Service - opportunity to provide a small “gift” (like cookies or candy) and a personal note for Downtown Breakfast Ministry, First Responders, or our Military. Alternatively, a speaker may give an introduction to various ministry needs in which seniors may participate.

In addition to these meetings, the ministry will address three other areas. First it will provide a centralized coordination for helping to meet the personal relationship needs of shut-Ins and those seniors impacted by physical issues. These relationship needs include visitation, written encouragement, and updates of church communication. Second, we will be producing a directory of some service providers. This might include both small businesses and those with specific skills or hobbies. Third, from time to time, we will look to having an Adult Bible School class of special interest to this age group.

Finally, this ministry is not defined by or limited to a specific age. While most of the activities will be directed toward those who are near or currently retired all events are expected to be held during times that allow those who are still employed to participate. In general, if you think you’re a senior or if you enjoy meeting with seniors we hope you will be part of the Young Enough to Serve ministry.

You are Young Enough to Serve!

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