Drowning in Missionaries...the best problem to have

The most wonderful of problems

Ever since I have arrived, there has been an unending stream flood of missionaries wanting our church and our people to support them. It has been an excruciatingly painful problem for me. Why? One, with my background, I want to say yes to every one of them. I am delighted by anyone being called by the Lord to pursue full-time ministry, especially to the uttermost parts of the earth. Two, we as a church (or even as individuals) have a limited amount of resources that we can invest in supporting missionaries. As a result, of the vast number of missionaries that have crossed my desk in the last 8 months, I have to say “No” to 99% of them. So, the challenge has been trying to come up with a strategy for how Maranatha will continue in choosing and supporting missionaries.

How to choose?

Our Missions Committee recently discussed several things to consider as we look at prospective missionaries: their level of intimacy with Maranatha’s ministry, the level of lostness in the place they are called to serve, and their long-term model or plan for missions on the field. L