The harvest is digital, but the workers are few

The opportunity

What if I told you we could reach 500,000 people a month that wanted to know how to study the Bible by making a series of 20-minute videos – would you vote for the church to do it? What if our pastors were invited to share the gospel with people in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Jamaica, the UK, Brazil, and other places around the world with all expenses paid and it would only take about two hours a week – would you approve that ministry? What if I told you there was a way that we could disciple people 168 hours a week (not just the 1 – 9 hours they are at the church) with only a few hours of work each week – would you support that decision? What if we could do all of those things while continuing every one of our existing ministries – would you be in favor?

The answer to all the above is OF COURSE!!! Maranatha loves the Bible. We want to see the lost saved. We are committed to building saints. We want everyone to know the love of Christ by connecting rightly with His word and walking daily in His Spirit. The good news is that every one of those things is possible.

The harvest is digital, but the work