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Be All You Can Be

Small groups are a vital part of the life and ministry of Maranatha. They are one of the primary ways we are building relationships to build saints. As we begin small groups for this year, here are some ways to be the very best small group member you can be. Make a commitment to God, yourself, and your group to make these qualities your target and the subject of your prayers.

Ideal small group members are…

  • Servants. They know that they have an important role within their group. While they expect to be blessed by attending small group, they look for the opportunity to bless others through their actions, words, and prayers. They are committed to take each opportunity to bear the burdens of their brothers and sisters in Christ.

  • Committed to the Bible. They start by making sure they are personally being renewed by God’s Word. They come to small group ready to live out the truth of God’s Word together.

  • Committed to being there. They show up – on time - even when it’s hard, they’re tired, or it’s been a rough week. They are committed to the group despite the imperfections of both the leader and the other group members. They know that all sinners can be difficult to love, and they extend to others the forgiveness and grace they themselves want to receive.

  • Listen. They come to small group committed to listening. They value what others say and want to really understand the thoughts, hearts, and struggles of the others. They listen knowing that the Holy Spirit gives wisdom, counsel, comfort, and encouragement through the insights and testimonies of fellow believers.

  • Compassionate. They pray for their fellow small group members and follow up on those requests. They send notes of encouragement to those who are fighting for joy in God amidst the struggles of this life.

  • Engaged in what’s happening. They answer questions from the leader, and they pose related questions as well. When the discussion drifts, they point the group back to the text or topic. They gently draw out those who are shy and try to make sure that everyone is included in the conversations.

  • Vulnerable. They desire intimate, godly relationships enough to go first in being transparent with the group. They are willing to be real about their joys and their sorrows – to share their needs, fears, struggles, and hurts so that the group can help bear each other’s burdens. They are willing to respond to the lesson or discussion based upon how the Holy Spirit is working in their lives.

  • Growing. While spiritual growth may be difficult to spot from one day to the next, when they look back over the course of a year, they can see more of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. This growth is no cause for pride, but they rejoice in God’s faithful love. This growth is inspirational and infectious within their small group.

  • Inviting others. The best small-group members invite others to join the group. They let others know what their small group means to them and how others could benefit from being a part of it. They look for new people in church on Sunday offer to connect them with a small group.

If each us would focus on being this kind of small group member, there would be greater depth in our relationships. By our love for Christ and each other, the world would see more clearly that we are His disciples. Hopefully you have signed up for a small group, but if you haven’t it’s NOT too late!!!

Contact Pastor David ( and he will help you get involved.

General locations of our small groups.

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