Family Devotions Facelift

As a parent one of our greatest desires is for our children to come to believe in Christ. Scripture emphasizes the crucial role that parents play in teaching their children about God and His salvation (Deut. 6:7). In today’s age, we often call this time of teaching our children: “family devotions.” There are often many challenges we face in this task: creating a consistent time in our busy schedule, finding a trustworthy and easy-to-use material, and how to teach and engage our children when the range of their ages and understanding are expansive, just to name a few. While it may seem that there’s a lot stacked against us, we must keep our eyes locked on the goal: nurturing a love for God and His Word in our children’s hearts.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when we think about the seriousness of this task. There is a foundational truth that must drive our attitudes: no parent is able to give their child salvation. Salvation is a miracle that only God can work in a person’s heart. Faithfulness, not success, is the call of Christ’s disciples, and the same is true for parenting. When leading family devotions, it’s crucial that we’re checking our hearts, not boxes. Completing a week’s devotions doesn’t guarantee godly children, just as much as missing a day of Bible study doesn’t mean we’ve fallen out of God’s favor. Our goal should be to faithfully lead our families in becoming more like Christ through prayer and applying His Word.

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