Leaders, leaders everywhere

Leadership and Maranatha

Leadership development has been a hallmark of Maranatha for many years now. The number of men and women in our church who are involved in discipling relationships is staggering to me. As your pastoral team seeks to build on that legacy, we have looked to the Scripture to guide our approach to leadership development.

How did Paul do it?

Apart from Jesus himself, Paul was perhaps the quintessential disciple maker. Take a moment to list the names of the men and women who were on Paul’s ministry team. Go ahead, pause for a moment and take note of everyone you can think of who was directly discipled and deployed by the apostle Paul. Perhaps you thought of Titus, Silas, Timothy, Luke, Demas, and John Mark. But those names are just the tip of the iceberg. A cursory look at Paul’s letters demonstrate his personal commitment to discipleship and deployment. Discipleship – raising up leaders. Deployment – putting leaders to work.