Awake, O Sleeper Cell

You are sleeping peacefully when suddenly - Ring! Ring! You stir a little but begin to slide back into blissful slumber – RING! RING! Ugh! You realize it is your phone, but it is supposed to be silenced. RING! RING! Your annoyed subconscious reminds you it must be a priority call for it to be ringing. Adrenaline kicks in and you bolt out of bed to pick it up. “Hello?!?” you blurt out. Then a familiar voice says three words that will change the rest of your life, “Awake, O sleeper.” The person hangs up. Your heart is beating violently, and you’re trembling as you set your phone down. You realized it has finally happened – your sleeper cell has been activated. You sit on the edge of your bed thinking about what this means. Everything about your life has been intentionally planned out for this moment: the place you live, the job you have, your family situation, your friendships, your hobbies, your neighbors, the stores you frequent, EVERYTHING. Now, it is finally time.