Lessons From A Blueberry Patch (Trellis and the Vine Chapter 4)

Several weeks ago, our family went blueberry picking. We have never done this before, so we had no idea what to expect. When we showed up, we each got a gallon bucket and were given some basic instructions on how to pick blueberries. We found out that you don’t pick them one at a time, instead, you tickle the blueberry clusters with your fingers, and the ripe ones fall into the bucket while the others stay on the bush. That’s important, because blueberries don’t ripen unless they’re on the bush.

The price was right - $3.75 per pound – which is a bargain compared to what you find in most grocery stores. So, we went after it, each with our own bucket, and each with a mission to pick as many blueberries as we could. We all had our own unique strategy. The taller ones could reach the higher branches, and the shorter ones could reach the lower ones. Some stayed on the perimeter of the bush while others squeezed between the branches. Some went to the end of the aisle, while others started at the beginning. Some worked in pairs, while others worked by themselves. That afternoon we experienced some of the highs and lows of blueberry picking. We enjoyed being outdoors as a family. We were refreshed by a quick afternoon rain. And we were surprised by the painful discovery of a yellow jacket’s nest that resulted in several stings to three of our kids.