What is it? Why should I use it? How do I get started?

MBC CONNECT (powered by Church Community Builder) is a web-based tool to help our church stay informed, help us to grow, help us to serve, and keep us connected to each other.

Communicating and connecting with people, both inside and outside the church, can be a challenge for churches. Here at Maranatha, we never want to see a person fall through the cracks. MBC CONNECT brings the tools we need to communicate with people, connect us to each other and the church, and help us grow spiritually.

MBC Connect is hosted in Church Community Builder's secure online platform. You are able to control exactly who is able to see your information and all data stored in the platform is encrypted. We have reviewed their security policies and procedures and feel confident that they have taken appropriate steps to protect our membership data.

Over the next few months, we will be implementing different aspects of this software step by step. For the first step, we would like you to help us by taking time to login and update your profile and your family's profile. You will find steps below to guide you through that process. If you have problems or questions, email Pastor David (dbout@mbccolumbus.org). Thank you for helping Maranatha build relationships that build saints!